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    I don't want to be the bearer of bad news for any website owner out there who has just had their website 'done', but the old attitude of a website ever being completely finished should now be well and truly thrown out of the window.

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    So your site is being beaten in search engine rankings by one full of utter rubbish, no real content and far too many keywords just listed over and over. Should you be worried? My view is no, definitely not.

Building a really good website

Most individuals and businesses who are looking to launch a new website start to peruse the market for a good web designer.  Perhaps they've seen websites they like the looks of, perhaps they've had an image consultation for the business and want a site that will promote the company image.

Usually, the first consideration is how the website will look and how it will be structured.  Some time after the designs are complete and the navigation is decided, they will realise they need content for the site and will either do it themselves or hire someone to fill in the blank spaces.

By this time it's already way too late, the mistakes have been made.

A professional copywriter and search engine optimiser will discuss your requirements with you, will research your competition, will look at your overarching and particular aims for the website.  We will work with you to decide on a direction and format for your website.  One that is driven to bring in potential customers and translate those hits into sales or leads.

In other words, SEO should shape your website from the very beginning and only when the content - the real marketing engine - of the site is agreed between the copywriter and the Client should the web designer be brought in to bring it to life. 

You might find it useful for your SEO Copywriter and Web Designer to work together but the most important thing to remember is: Search Engine Optimised Copy needs to come first, not last.

Of course, most SEO Copywriters work on improving existing websites and there is much that can be done to help, so don't be downhearted if you already have a website that is doing badly. Get in touch and we can help.


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Hi Colin, I'm very sorry to hear you had a bad experience. I'll reply to you in full via email. You're far from alone in this issue, I had another Client last week with exactly the same problem. Hopefully we can help to amend your site for better search engine results.

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Colin Baxter


This is an interesting read. I spent a small fortune on a designer for my website only to discover we were invisible to Google. Why? Because he used Flash and didn't include any metawords. I would like your advice on how you might help us. Please contact me when you receive my email.

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What a great blog

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