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  • How to make yourself the right website

    What is the right website? It's the one we choose to click on in a list of search results. Why do we choose to click on that one in particular? How can you make sure yours is that website? Read more.

  • Go Organic - the healthy sensible way to improve your website hits

    Discover simple, achievable ways to improve your website through organic search engine optimisation and how to avoid the old 'black hat' methods that will get your site cast aside.

  • Building a really good website

    Which should come first? The content or the design. We will help you to answer that question.

  • Is my website done now?

    I don't want to be the bearer of bad news for any website owner out there who has just had their website 'done', but the old attitude of a website ever being completely finished should now be well and truly thrown out of the window.

  • Credible Content Counts

    So your site is being beaten in search engine rankings by one full of utter rubbish, no real content and far too many keywords just listed over and over. Should you be worried? My view is no, definitely not.

How to make yourself the right website

The question I am asked most frequently by potential clients is �Can you get my site on page one of Google?�

The answer I tend to give is qualified.  Indeed anyone can get you to page one of Google, including yourself.  You can simply pay to advertise on a pay per click basis on certain of your chosen search terms and bingo, there you are at the very top of the page.  No effort required.

You can get to page one of Google by focussing your website on a search term that has no competition like �cucumber validate economy clock radiator� but that means nothing and will get you no additional visitors or business.

I suppose what people really mean is... �Can you get my site to page one of Google ahead of my competition?� and this is where the work really starts.

Far from SEO copywriting being just about packing your website full of juicy search terms and leaving the search engine to magically find and list it at the top, it is all about making your website �the right website�

When you use a search engine yourself, you know how it brings up sponsored results at the top and then perhaps some map point indicators for local companies and then some �genuine� search results.  Of course you know that, we all do.  And the vast majority of us scroll down just a little to make sure we are getting those organic websites.  They are the ones that have risen to the top because, hopefully, they best fit our original search and have proven most popular.

You want to be that website.

To be that website you have to speak with the text to your potential customers, as well as to search engines and think about what the visitor will do once they arrive on your home page.

We can help you achieve this, simply email or call us for an informal discussion

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