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    What is the right website? It's the one we choose to click on in a list of search results. Why do we choose to click on that one in particular? How can you make sure yours is that website? Read more.

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    Discover simple, achievable ways to improve your website through organic search engine optimisation and how to avoid the old 'black hat' methods that will get your site cast aside.

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    Which should come first? The content or the design. We will help you to answer that question.

  • Is my website done now?

    I don't want to be the bearer of bad news for any website owner out there who has just had their website 'done', but the old attitude of a website ever being completely finished should now be well and truly thrown out of the window.

  • Credible Content Counts

    So your site is being beaten in search engine rankings by one full of utter rubbish, no real content and far too many keywords just listed over and over. Should you be worried? My view is no, definitely not.

Is my website done now?

Your website should be a living, evolving entity, just as your business is.

Nothing can stay the same, particularly in business and your website needs to reflect the changes within your company or organisation. It needs to be a resource for existing customers, employees and potential clients.

Of course, most people keep websites up to date with changes in price or product listings, but how many are sharing regular updates and industry news on the internet through blogs, newsfeeds and social media networking? 

A little effort made to keep your website vibrant and relevant will be repaid in plenty by higher search engine rankings, a better response from Customers and increased interest.

If you don't have time to do regular website, SMD and blog updates yourself, we can help.


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Odelia Reisch


Many thanks for sharing your thoughts here. I really appreciate it.

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Isaias Spara


Hello! My friend has recommended me to read your site. And I’d like to say that I really like what you’re doing here.

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