Search Engine Optimisation Through Organic Content
  • How to make yourself the right website

    What is the right website? It's the one we choose to click on in a list of search results. Why do we choose to click on that one in particular? How can you make sure yours is that website? Read more.

  • Go Organic - the healthy sensible way to improve your website hits

    Discover simple, achievable ways to improve your website through organic search engine optimisation and how to avoid the old 'black hat' methods that will get your site cast aside.

  • Building a really good website

    Which should come first? The content or the design. We will help you to answer that question.

  • Is my website done now?

    I don't want to be the bearer of bad news for any website owner out there who has just had their website 'done', but the old attitude of a website ever being completely finished should now be well and truly thrown out of the window.

  • Credible Content Counts

    So your site is being beaten in search engine rankings by one full of utter rubbish, no real content and far too many keywords just listed over and over. Should you be worried? My view is no, definitely not.

What is SEO?

Simply put, SEO is search engine optimisation practices undertaken to increase the amount of visitors to your website.

Many companies pay a lot of money for a unique and stylish website design without giving a great deal of thought to the content of the site – the actual words. Google, Yahoo, Ask, Bing and the other search engines don’t give a hoot about the flash images, the colours or the excellent photography. They want to know you have a site with really useful and interesting content.

All business websites should have their content written by a professional Search Engine Optimiser.

The content will then be targeted to your prospective and existing customer base, meaning those most likely to want your services will be able to find you easily. It also means that once they get to your site, they will find exactly what they need. And the beauty of organic SEO means that as more of the ‘right customers’ find and use your site, the higher in the search engine rankings it will go.

There are SEO services advertised who make unrealistic promises, who would fill your site with hidden text, unappealing lists of information and would make ‘non-organic’ suggestions as to how to improve your website ranking. The search engines (particularly Google) are wise to this and they find and penalise those websites by no longer listing them. Don’t take that risk, go organic!

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